Many Of These Sites Are Rampant With Hungry Readers Who You Can Advertise Your Sites, Products, and Brand To While Getting Paid To Do It!

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Although article directories are a great method for traffic, they are only one of several types of content websites that you can use for brand exposure, traffic and quality backlinks.

There are several other sites with similar levels of traffic that will pay you for your content:

  • One site pays a minimum of $350 per accepted consumer review.

  • Another pays between $20-$200 or more per blog review.

  • Several pay 50% to 75% or more revenue share and let you keep copyrights.

  • Many others pay you to blog and let you decide how much you make.

Start Earning Money Today With These Sites!

One awesome aspect of these sites is that several of them allow you to reuse your content on other sites and keep your publishing rights.

There are sites that will pay you upfront, pay you a percentage of the revenue that your content makes, and sites that will hire you to write or blog for them.

If you're in a financial bind, or need emergency cash, writing for these sites is one of the fastest guaranteed methods of earning cash online.

You can start earning money per article or blog post in as little as a few days with some of these sites.

I have spent months researching these sites and compiling a detailed "dual" report of 50 of the best sites that pay you for to write.

Here are only some of reasons you should be using these sites:

  • Leverage the traffic of these sites for potentially massive brand exposure.

  • Gain credibility and brand recognition, especially if you are accepted into sites that that are widely known and reputable.

  • Spread your content across multiple sites that only ask for non-exclusive rights (and several of these sites do).

  • Earn money while improving your writing skills by learning how to write for networks that require higher writing standards than most article directories.

  • Use the analytics that many of these sites offer to quickly test out different SEO techniques.

  • Make money from all the content that's doing nothing but taking up space on your hard drive.

  • Make substantially larger amounts of money from some of these sites that will pay you for reviews, or by your blog's performance.

I have divided the sites into two main groups: 25 sites that pay you for content (for articles, reviews, and other types of original content) and 25 sites that pay you to blog (for blog posts, blog reviews, and blog oriented content).

Includes Detailed Information On Each Site!

When it comes to compensation, some of these sites have the potential to earn substantial revenue from the sale of content or by reviewing other sites and products.

None of these sites are exactly like each other. Each one has its own benefits and disadvantages, features, and content rights that they ask you to share.

This is not simply a list of high quality content sharing sites.

I have taken several hours to research each and every individual site and included:

  • A review of each website.

  • A description of the payment structure.

  • The content copyrights that the site asks for.

  • A direct link to the sign up page.

  • With so many sites to choose from, it can be overwhelming. I have done my best to weed out the junk sites and selected the best sites and networks that pay you to write.

Save Time And Money Knowing Which Sites To Target

Just knowing what copyrights the site asks you for your content can save you several hours of hassle. Skimming the terms of each of these websites takes a lot of time, but I did the hard work for you!

With this report you can
easily select the content sites that are going to allow you to republish your content on other sites.

With my report on these sites and networks, you are going to get intricate details and access to a resource that you won't be able to find anywhere else online except through your own extensive research.

This report will save you time by helping you find the site that fits your unique needs as a beginning marketer, service provider, writer, or internet marketer.

These Websites Are Useful For Anyone!

Anyone can use these websites to benefit their business:

  • For Internet Marketers: get a lot more website and brand exposure, and more traffic to your websites.

  • For New Internet Marketers: you can literally start earning money today from many of these websites while learning how to leverage them with internet marketing techniques.

  • For Bloggers: This report offers you several blogging monetization options. Get paid per review, blogging, article, and more.

  • For Service Providers: gain more clients through social networking on these sites and brand exposure.

  • For Freelance Writers: and add high quality samples to your resume and gain credibility to justify higher prices for your services.

This is an unparalleled resource that you won't be able to find anywhere else. You can use this report to get more backlinks for your website, more business if you're a freelancer, and more credibility by having your name on some of the top content websites in the world. And the best part is earning money while you do it!

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