May 25

For a long time, people who wanted to start a chicken coop had to renovate an old shed or buy a pre-built one. A pre-built coop costs $500 upwards and this does not include the cost of installation. The cost of a pre- built chicken coop with installation is usually over $1000. According to Jim and Ann, who have put together ‘The DIY Chicken Coop Guide’, you can build your own chicken coop for just $100 if you do a little extra work of collecting materials.

The process of making the shed is explained in a manner that it will be easy for anyone to follow. People who don’t necessarily consider themselves the do it yourself type can also follow the step-by-step instructions and if you need support with the process, that is also available.

With the help of the diagrams and schematics you will be able to see how the coop is built. Video library provides you with videos related to chicken coops. You will also be able to pre cut and pre label your wood with the help of the wood cutting diagram shown in the guide.

The material used in the building of these coops is also important because you want to save as much money as possible. The guide shows you how to build the coop from inexpensive materials that can be easily bought from your local hardware store.

Also, special consideration has been given to keep the chickens safe from predators. The shed is raised from the ground level to provide protection and another benefit of this is that they will not be affected by the cold damp soil.

You can also give the shed your own touch by customizing and you can also scale the plans to accommodate more chicken if required.

The products that you will be able to get in this package are: ‘The DIY Chicken Coop Guide’: this guide shows you how to build small, medium and large sized coops.  Special Reports) Chicken City Ordinances Guide: From this guide you can learn what the rules and regulations are in your area for building coops.) 6 Things You Must Do Before Building a Chicken Coop: This book explains all the things that you need to do before starting your DIY project.

There is also bonus material available for you which includes a Video Library and books that help you learn to talk chicken (A-Z), learn which chicken breed is best for your Lifestyle and Climate, how to build an Incubator and incubate your Chicks and how to build a Chicken Brooder and requirements of Brooding Chicks. The price of the whole package is $39.97. In case you don’t find the plans useful you can return the package within 60 days and get a full refund.

Learn more about this product by using this link: How to build a chicken coop

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